Tourists Continue to Visit Israel as Gaza Strike Intensifies

Despite world-wide critisi

Despite the international community's criticism of Israel's ongoing 9-day assault in Gaza, tourists are still flocking to the state.

Sources from the tourism field indicate that flights to Israel have been cancelled, although "At this point in time there have only been several such cancellations, as appose to a big-scale occurrence, apparently in light of the Israel's current security situation."

"Once the New Years holidays are over it will be easier to determine whether this is an ongoing trend or a wave of cancellations," sources said.

As part of Israel's continuing strike on Gaza, reserve air force pilots working as civilians in Israeli airline companies have also been called on to take part in the strikes.

"Many pilots have been called on for reserves," says a top airline official. "Their participation in the IAF strikes on Gaza should not affect the airlines' routine activity," he adds, explaining that "During this season airline activity is not in its full capacity, and the pilots have no problem returning from a civilian flight and participating in military ops as part of the reserve forces the following day."