Top T.V. Presenter's Life Threatened, Possibly by 'Psychic' Interviewee

Threat comes after Yaron London calls man claiming to be able to heal with his thoughts a 'crook'.

Veteran Israeli television presenter Yaron London filed an official complaint with the Dan District Police on Thursday after receiving death threats by telephone, allegedly made by one of the guests on his daily news show.

London received the death threat after his show on Tuesday, during which he interviewed Oren Zarif, a man who claims that he has the power to heal the sick with his thoughts.

On Tuesday, Zarif was a guest on the London and Kirschenbaum show on Channel 10. During the interview, he was asked about his demand that his employees change their last names to his last name ? Zarif. London harshly criticized Zarif over his methods and even called him a "crook" at one point.

At the end of the interview, while Zarif was still in the studio, London received a call on his cellular phone. An unknown called told London that he intends to cause him harm and threatened him.

Prior to the interview, Zarif announced that he would try to "interfere" with London's thoughts during the show, and even brought along a group of "healers" that stood at the entrance of the Givatayim studio and "transmitted energies" to help Zarif with his interview.

The Dan District police said an investigation would be launched, but that no suspects have been questioned yet. One of the avenues police will investigate is the possibility that Zarif told one of his supporters to place the call on his behalf.