Tirah Man Shot to Death; Three Teenagers Stabbed in Nazareth

Circumstances of both incidents remain unknown; police searching for fugitive assailant.

A 47-year-old man was shot to death Saturday outside his home in the city of Tirah, near Acre.

Police identified the victim as Otman Mansur, yet the circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unknown.

Mansur was shot several times as he was stepping out of his car shortly before 1 A.M., and sustained critical wounds.

He was taken to hospital in Kfar Sava, where he died shortly thereafter.

Mansur had no previous criminal record and was described by police as a "completely normative man."

Police are searching for the assailant.

Meanwhile, three teenagers were stabbed in Nazareth on Saturday.

One of the victims, aged 18, sustained serious wounds and was hospitalized in Haifa. The other two victims, aged 16 and 17, were lightly wounded in the attack.

Police are investigating the incident.