Three Suspects to Face Murder Charges for Tel Aviv Beachside Assault

Police believe victim Aryeh Karp was alive after assault but died after he fell into the water.

Three suspects are expected to be indicted for murder in the death of Aryeh Karp, Haaretz has learned.

Of the 10 suspects initially arrested, these three allegedly were directly responsible for the assault. Police say the three men struck Karp in the head and body, kicked him in the head and stomped on his head.

A senior official in the state prosecutor's office told Haaretz yesterday that even though police now believe Karp fell into the water, where his body was found, the men can be indicted for murder because the evidence directly links them to Karp's death.

"While what exactly happened to him from the moment of the horrific attack until his body was found in the water is a mystery, that does not impact the charges," the official said.

The pathologist's report confirmed that Karp died from the assault, not from drowning, even though his body was found in the sea.

Karp's assailants allegedly left him wounded, and Karp attempted to flee toward the water and slipped off the rocks south of the Tel Baruch promenade, police said.

The police have evidence showing that after Karp was assaulted, the suspects stopped to buy alcohol and then went to a forest, blasted music and danced until police came and arrested them.

Police originally arrested 10 people who had been hanging out together at the scene of the attack, including eight men from Jaljulya and two women.

The companions of the three central suspects will most likely be charged with manslaughter, and may also face charges of failing to prevent a crime.

The prosecution expects to indict the two women on the latter charge. One, a soldier, will most likely have a hearing before a decision is made whether to prosecute her, given her apparently minor role in the affair and her help in the investigation.

Meanwhile, Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court Judge Gilya Ravid ordered the release of one more suspect yesterday. This leaves five in custody.

The suspect told Haaretz, "I wanted to prevent it but I couldn't. We're not criminals. I can't explain what happened there."

When the suspect left the scene, Karp was still standing, he said.

The suspect's lawyer, Zafrir Jagur, said that when police brought his client to the promenade, ostensibly to reconstruct events, "he described what he saw; he certainly did not reconstruct an attack that he did not take part in."