Three More Indictments Filed Following TV Report on Pedophilia Sting

Channel 10 investigative report leads to indictment of ten suspects over attempted sexual harassment of minors.

The Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Thursday issued three additional indictments following the Channel 10 investigative report into pedophilia, bringing the number of indicted suspects in the affair to ten.

Naftali Leib, 60, of Lod, is charged with attempting to perform an indecent act in public and attempted sexual harassment. Leib is the first suspect to be charged with publishing child pornography, after 25 pictures of sexual acts involving children were found on his personal computer.

The other defendants, known as Y., 31, of Ramat Gan, and A, 37, of Rishon Letzion, are also charged with attempting to perform an indecent act and attempted sexual harassment.

Last week, a team of Channel 10 journalists headed by Dov Gilhar took part in chat room conversations, presenting themselves as 13-year-old girls. The defendants initiated blatantly sexual conversations with them; some performed indecent acts in their presence, and others sent them pornographic material.

The defendants were invited to a rented house in Tel Aviv that was wired with hidden cameras, where they were confronted by Gilhar. They were detained by police, whose presence at the scene had been previously arranged with Channel 10.