Three Men Arrested for Rape, Robbery of Or Akiva Woman

Police suspect the three also kidnapped and severly beat the woman's husband in an attempt to extract the whereabouts of a youth who owed them money.

A Hadera court on Monday extended by three days the remand of two men from Or Akiva arrested on Monday on suspicion of raping a female resident of the city. The court is currently considering extending the remand of the third assailant, a minor aged 17.

In the early morning hours on Monday, a police cruiser was called to a house in Or Akiva from where screaming was heard. Two police officers burst into the apartment and found the victim lying on the floor. The woman said she was raped and pointed out the suspects to police, moments after they had fled into a waiting car.

The suspects, brothers Oleg and Bentzion Abramov aged 30 and 18, and an unnamed minor aged 17 were arrested with items that police suspect they stole from the victim's house.

Police suspect that a few hours before the rape, the suspects kidnapped the victim's 46-year-old husband from the beach in Hedera and beat him severely.

Hadera Police Commander Boaz Goldberg stated that when the victim reported to an area hospital for treatment she found her husband in a nearby room badly beaten and bleeding.

The man told police that the three suspects arranged a meeting with him, kidnapped and took him to the beach where they tried to force him to tell them the whereabouts of a youth who owed them money. When the man refused, he was beaten severely.

The men are believed to have then continued to the man's house where they allegedly raped and robbed his wife.

Hadera police stated that two of the suspects have a history of violent offenses and property crimes, and that none of the three are cooperating with the investigation.