Three Injured as Light Plane Crashes Off Haifa Coast

Accident occurred near Haifa's airport; plane apparently belonged to the Falcon amateur pilots group.

Three people were lightly injured on Friday morning as the light civilian aircraft in which they were flying crashed off the coast of Haifa.

The accident occurred near Haifa airport after the pilot attempted to execute an emergency landing. The plane apparently belonged to the Falcon group, an organization of amateur pilots that is based in the airport.

In October, A birthday ride in a light plane ended with the death of four people when the aircraft crashed near Moshav Batzrah in the Sharon.

Aviram Pasternak, 32, of Hadera had invited his friend Menachem Ben Zacharia of Netanya for a plane ride in honor of the latter's 33rd birthday.

Itai Pasternak, Aviram's 25-year-old brother, also went along, and the plane was piloted by Eliav Arbel, a 30-year-old woman from Carmei Yosef. All four were killed in the crash.