Three Arrested for Smuggling Cocaine-stuffed Toys From South America

One of the suspects works in Tel Aviv post office, from where the three planned to collect the 3 kilograms of cocaine.

A married couple from Bat Yam and a man from the settlement of Alfei Menashe were brought before the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court on Monday over suspicions they smuggled roughly three kilograms of cocaine from Peru to Israel. The three were arrested on Sunday.

The narcotics unit of the Israel Customs Authority, along with the Tel Aviv police, learned several weeks ago that the suspects, all in their 30s, conspired to smuggle substantial amounts of cocaine from South America.

Police suspect the three planned to smuggle cocaine from Peru to Israel via Germany, by hiding the drugs inside various toys, including an inflatable kayak. The female suspect works in a Tel Aviv post office, from where the suspects planned to collect the drugs.

The post office employee on Sunday received the package containing the drugs, which she handed over to the other two suspects just before their arrest.