This Hyphenated Life

Gelt TripCould the financial meltdown actually be an opportunity to purge - or at least reduce - the rampant materialism from the American Jewish community? girls vs. American Jews There's Israeli archeology, Israeli technology, even Israeli couscous, 'Israeli au pair' seems to be the ultimate oxymoron.

Advice to Ehud Olmert, blogger To the prime minister: You're in good company with your blog, but if you're going to do it, you're going to have to do it right.

This Hyphenated Life, post one / A Hybrid Jew Like so many Jews in America and the Diaspora, I'm an odd sort of hybrid. So what is a hybrid Jew? Here is my own personal guide.

This Hyphenated Life post two / Jew Me Down Relax. There isn't much overt Jew hatred in the U.S.

This Hyphenated Life / How a little humor can save the world Thanks to the Internet, the entire world is now one big stand-up stage, let's use it for good!

This Hyphenated Life post four / The capital of the Jewish World The answer is not Jerusalem - that's way too obvious.