'This Country Exists Because of People Like Him,' Says Slain IDF's Soldier Relative

Families of IDF soldiers killed in fighting in Gaza Thursday remember their fallen sons.

Major Roey RosnerHolon

Rosner, 27, married his partner, Sharon, just 10 months ago. The couple received the keys to their new apartment a few days ago. "He was very excited," Roey's sister-in-law Chen Feingold Doron said on Thursday.

Rosner entered the Gaza Strip on Wednesday and was killed on Thursday.

"You can say all the usual cliches about 'salt of the earth' but he really was amazing. He died a hero's death, and I hope that he is the last death and all the soldiers return home," she said. Rosner, who attended university during his army service, was slated to be discharged in July 2009. However, he planned to re-enlist in a track that allowed him to continue his studies. Rosner was buried yesterday in the Holon military cemetery. He is survived by his wife, parents and older brother.

Captain Omer RabinovitzArad

The Rabinovitz family sequestered itself in its Arad home Thursday after receiving the news of 23-year-old Omer's death in a clash with terrorists in Gaza.

His teary-eyed grandfather Zevulun Rabinovitz remembered Omer as "devoted to the state. Before enlisting, Omer worked in a youth movement for a year and took care of kibbutz kids. Omer was always driven and got into the elite Egoz unit. During his basic training, during the Gush Katif disengagement, I had a talk with him and told him 'From the moment you swore allegiance to the IDF in front of the flag, you must obey every order, like it or not.' He acted that way with his soldiers too."

Sergeant Amit RobinsonKibbutz Magal

Amit Robinson enlisted almost a year ago in Gilad Shalit's Armored Corps Battalion 71 as a radio operator. The youngest child of Argentinian immigrants, Sylvia and Eliyahu Robinson, Amit also leaves behind two sisters.

Brother-in-law Assaf Fial said Amit went into Gaza last Saturday immediately upon completing his training. "His parents were glued to the television set," he said. Three days ago, the barrel of his tank was damaged, and he and his crew came out of Gaza to repair it. He managed to call his sister, Noam, and also spoke to his parents. "That was their last conversation with him," Fial recounted on Thursday, adding "I don't remember that he had any fear. This country exists because of people like him."