Teva Tech Workers Protesting Discriminatory Pay

Teva pays more for same jobs elsewhere in Israel; Teva unwilling to share management power, though

Workers demand management powers in setting pay policy, which isn't an option, says Teva
Seven hundred  Teva Tech workers at Ramat Hovav will be halting work at the plant, to protest the meanness of their salaries compared with peer employees of the giant drug company at other sites in Israel.

The Negev district headquarters of the Histadrut labor federation has approved a labor dispute, which theoretically frees the workers to declare a full-blown strike after two weeks. Meanwhile, the workers will be holding protest assemblies during the workday.

Meir Babayoff, the chairman of the union's Negev district office, said the key demand is that employment terms be brought into line with Teva's policy elsewhere in the country.

No agreement over that demand has been reached with the Teva management.

Babayoff says that the workers also demand more say in pay policy and decisions regarding employment terms.

Teva Tech is a local unit of Teva (TASE, Nasdaq: TEVA).

"Teva Tech is the flagship of Teva's chemicals department," commented Teva Tech union leader Benny Kimche.
The Teva management called on the workers to rescind the threat of strike and resume negotiations, which had advanced. "The workers are demanding management powers and active involvement in employment terms, which contravenes Teva's position that management tasks, including setting pay policy, lies with the management, not the workers," said the management.
It noted that the Teva Tech management had done so well, that the plant had hired 100 more people in 2006, and plans to take on 100 more in each of the years to come.