Tel Aviv Police Solve Murder of 67-year-old Prostitute

Woman killed during robbery attempt kept her prostitution a secret from Kiryat Gat family for years.

Tel Aviv police arrested a homeless man Wednesday over suspicions he had murdered a 67-year-old prostitute, whose body was found over eight months ago near the city's central bus station.

Aziz Davidoff, who, according to police sources, killed Annette Peretz while attempting to rob her, was located and arrested after police forensic teams found traces of his skin under the victim's fingernails.

Last March, the woman was reported missing by her sons, who live in Kiryat Gat, told police that while their mother spent most of the week in an apartment located in Tel Aviv's south side, they were unable to locate her.

The woman's children had shown her picture to a local taxi driver, after arriving at the neighborhoods adjacent Tel Aviv's central bus station, who, to their dismay, recognized the woman as one of the veteran prostitutes working the area.

The driver then led the sons to her apartment, where the mother's body was found. Following a preliminary probe, police investigators estimated that the woman had died as a result of a blow to her head, but did not have sufficient evidence to deem the case a homicide.

The woman's children said they had never suspected their mother had been a prostitute, adding she kept her prostitution practices a secret from them for years.

The breakthrough came after lab results detected skin traces under the victim's fingernails, at which point police declared the case a murder investigation.

The suspect was arrested after Tel Aviv police officers on routine patrol notice a suspicious figure in an abandoned structure located on the Yavneh street. The officers then recognized the man as a suspect linked to the prostitute's murder, and arrested him on site.

Davidoff old investigators he had attempted to rob the women when she began struggling. That's when he hit head with his fist, taking her wallet and fleeing the scene.

According to the suspect told investigators he left the scene not knowing the prostitute had died.