Tel Aviv Man Sentenced to 18 Months Imprisonment for Trafficking in Women

Tel Aviv court finds Samuel Mollaris, 29, guilty of driving trafficked women to brothels throughout the city.

The Tel Aviv district court on Wednesday sentenced Samuel Mollaris to 18 months imprisonment on human trafficking charges.

Mollaris, 29, was found guilty of providing transportation to women who were brought to Israel in order to work as prostitutes in various apartments and brothels throughout Tel Aviv.

The court also ordered that Mollaris pay compensation of NIS 25 thousand to one of the trafficked women, for conspiring with two other suspects to drive her into Israel from the Egypt border, after she had been twice before deported by the police.

Mollaris used to then drive the woman on a daily basis to a brothel, in exchange for money. After a year, Mollaris demanded that she pay him NIS 5 thousand, telling her the brothel "did not provide enough work." He then transferred the woman to another brothel in the city, where she was arrested by the police.