Tel Aviv Bus Company Cuts Sabbath Afternoon Services

Change to begin next week; Meretz MK calls move 'underhanded opportunism,' demands it be nixed immediately.

The Tel Aviv regional bus company, Dan, has decided to cut its services on Saturday afternoons.

As of next week, buses will begin running only after sundown on Saturday, in accordance with the conclusion of the Jewish Sabbath.

MK Ran Cohen (Meretz) has demanded Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz cancel the decision immediately, calling the move "underhanded opportunism" which issues a "harsh sentence on public use of public transportation."

"For the secular public, which represents most of Israel, the end of the Sabbath is an arbitrary halakhic designation which has no real significance," said Cohen.

"This public wants to continue to enjoy public transportation as early as possible," he said adding: "and of course this carries social and environmental significance.