Teenager Who Killed Dozens of Cats Sent to 20 Months in Prison

Suspect said that he felt an uncontrollable urge to kill, and that he derived satisfaction and pleasure from killing cats.

A Petah Tikva magistrate's court sentenced a 19-year-old on Thursday to 21 months in prison for killing dozens of cats, in addition to conspiracy to murder and knife possession charges.

According to the sentence given on Thursday, the young man used to catch cats in street, and kill them by either stabbing them with a knife or strangling them with his bare hands, later throwing their bodies to garbage cans.

The suspect said at the time of his arrest in February of last year that he felt an uncontrollable urge to kill, and that he derived satisfaction and pleasure from killing cats. He added that after killing he felt confident and inspired.

As the interrogation progressed, the suspect told investigators that he had recently begun to feel bored with killing cats, and had considered killing humans. "He decided that killing cats wasn't satisfying him anymore, and according to his testimony he was inspired by a Russian television program about a murderer who killed 60 people," said the police officer.

The teen told investigators that he had planned to murder homeless people, primarily. He even planned to lure his victims with alcohol, bring them to a secluded alley, and kill them there. According to his testimony, he told one of his friends about his plans and invited him to "partake in the first murder of a human being."

At the conclusion of the interrogation, which lasted through the night, the investigators searched the suspect's home and recovered a military knife, apparently purchased for the purpose of killing cats, and a choking noose with hard handles meant for choking from behind.

Judge Leah Levon wrote in her sentencing that, according to the review conducted by the Center for Mental Health, the young man was dangerous and suffered from a acute personality disorder with sadistic and anti social features. The Judge also mentioned the fact that he had been admitted in a psychiatric hospital in the past after a violent outburst toward his mother and an attempt at his own life.

Levon added that she carefully weighed the nature of the crimes committed, their severity, their cruelty and the numerous times they were committed, saying that they amounted to killing dozens of cats in cold blood.

The judge also said she also considered in her sentencing the severity of attempting to conspire to commit cold hearted murder against another human being..