Teen Shot After Slashing Cop in Face With Broken Bottle

Teenager shot in leg as police clash with youths who attacked couple after night out.

A policeman shot a teen in the leg during a clash in Ramat Gan early Saturday after the teen had slashed him in the face with a broken bottle.

The incident occurred when police apprehended a group of Russian-speaking teens, aged between 16 and 17, who had allegedly attacked a couple in the central town after returning from a night out.

The three teens, who are suspected of having been under the influence of alcohol, assaulted the couple at around 6:00 A.M. and attempted to snatch a bag they held.

The couple managed to escape to the Dan region police station from the site of the assault, on Ramat Gan's Herzl Street. They arrived at the station badly beaten and subsequently reported the incident.

Police found the youths shortly afterwards. The youths then began to attack the police with broken bottles.

One managed to knock a policeman to the floor and cut him in the face. In response, the wounded officer shot the youth in the leg.

Police arrested all three youths after another patrol car arrived at the scene.