Teen Arsonists Suspected in Holon Apartment Complex Fires

Four firefighting crews summoned to building after burning trash cans stuffed into eight stairwells.

Eight stairwells in a Holon residential complex were torched before dawn on Thursday, in what appeared to be an act of arson.

Police suspect that teenagers on Passover break from school were responsible for slipping burning trash cans into the stairwells, and then blocking the passage with a baby stroller and a portable closet.

Four firefighting teams were summoned to the scene to put out the blaze. The crews reported further fire eruptions during their rescue efforts. There were no casualties in the incident, but the building suffered damage.

The buildings are relatively old and, according to the fire crews, do not mean national safety standards. As such, residents of one building were evacuated after a fire erupted in the basement bomb shelter.