Teachers to Strike Thursday Over Lag in Wage Agreement

Classes across the education system to begin at 10 A.M. as part of labor dispute declared two weeks ago.

Teachers across the country will strike Thursday morning to protest the Finance Ministry's refusal to hold negotiations to finalize a collective settlement on wages. teachers' associations said Wednesday.

As a result of the strike, classes across the education system will be delayed until 10 A.M., according to the teachers' associations, with the exception of special education schools and kindergartens.

The temporary strike is part of the labor dispute declared two weeks ago by teachers' associations.

Teachers' Union head Yossi Vasserman said, in the last two years, teachers have been leading Israel in a public struggle to implement accepted reforms in the education system. During this period we have operated with societal-public responsibility and we have avoided taking steps which could hurt teachers and students. But the government of Israel and the treasury continue to harm the education system, children, the public, and teachers."

Chairman of the Teachers' Association, Ran Erez, added that "the time has come for the treasury to regain its composure and understand the existing situation in the education system cannot continue."