Talansky: Olmert's Lawyers Won't Break Me in Cross-questioning

American Jewish businessman to face prime minister's attorneys on July 17 as part of graft investigation into Olmert.

A defiant Morris Talansky vowed Tuesday that he would not be taken apart by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's lawyers during cross-questioning on July 17, as part of an investigation into a graft investigation against Olmert.

The American Jewish businessman is the main witness in the investigation, and says he has given the prime minister thousands of dollars over a 15-year-period.

Speaking to reporters as he arrived at his grandson's wedding in Ramat Gan, Talansky predicted that the true story about his donations to Olmert would emerge in the next day or two, but warned not to expect a great drama.

Talansky declined to answer whether he had already revealed all that he knows about the affair.

Aside from suspected illicit donations from Talansky, Olmert is also suspected of making duplicate requests from the state and charities to fund trips abroad, and then pocketing the extra money. He is also under investigation for a real estate deal in Jerusalem.