T-shirt Mogul Apologizes to Woody Allen for Image of Him as Hasid

Actor filed $10 million law suit against American Apparel for ads showing him in ultra-Orthodox garb.

American Apparel is apologizing to Woody Allen after he filed a $10 million lawsuit against the trendy T-shirt monger for its unauthorized use of an image of him dressed in Hasidic garb on a pair of billboards.

"We deeply admire Woody Allen as a filmmaker and an inspiring social and political satirist," the company said in a press release. "We sincerely regret offending him in any way."

But, given that words are cheap and lawsuits are expensive, American Apparel also tried to cover itself from a legal standpoint, claiming that the billboards featuring the image of Allen (from his film "Annie Hall" were not, in fact, intended to sell underwear, but were "meant strictly as a social parody."

It was not clear what aspect of society the underwear-purveying company was parodying. A spokesperson for American Apparel recently told the Forward, "Woody Allen is our spiritual leader."

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