Suspect Confesses to Murdering Homeless Man Near Kiryat Ata

Body of Yuri Zipklikin bears signs of violence; suspect says he stabbed victim during quarrel.

One of the suspects arrested by police in connection with the Saturday murder of a homeless man near Kiryat Ata confessed overnight Sunday.

The suspect told police he stabbed Yuri Zipklikin, 43, after Zipklikin stabbed the suspect during an argument between the two.

The suspect will be brought into the Magistrates Court for the Haifa suburbs Sunday morning for an extension of his remand.

Police have arrested another suspect and are questioning him on his alleged involvement and presence in the quarrel.

Zipklikin was found dead on Saturday in a forest near the Haifa suburb of Kiryat Ata.

The body, which bore signs of violence, was sent for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Zipklikin, a divorced father of two from Kiryat Ata, who immigrated to Israel a few years ago, had been living in the forest, which has recently become the residence of many homeless people from the area.

Saturday morning, two homeless people arrived at the Zevulun police station and reported they had found Zipklikin lying dead on the forest ground. Police and medical personnel who arrived on the scene pronounced Zipklikin dead and said he had probably been dead for a significant period of time before police arrived.

Police on Saturday arrested five homeless who live near the site where the body was found on suspicion that they were behind the murder.

The Zevulun station commander, Kobi Bachar, said Zipklikin's body was sent in for an autopsy to determine whether his death was a result of foul play.