Store Manager Stabbed to Death by Former Employee in Ramat Gan

Assailant stabbed store manager during argument over money owed to him from previous work.

A Ramat Gan store manager was stabbed to death on Monday by a former employee apparently disgruntled over unpaid wages.

According to an initial police investigations, the assailant confronted the 32-year-old manager about money he was owed from the time that he worked there.

At some point during the confrontation, the former employee took out a knife, stabbed the manager, and fled the store.

Police say that the man is known to police and a criminal record.

A paramedic who arrived on the scene reported that the victim was found with multiple stab wounds to his upper body and back.

"While the victim was being treated, he began to display erratic and uncontrolled behavior, probably due to the lack of oxygen reaching his brain. After being anesthetized and resuscitated, he was transferred in critical condition to Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv," said the paramedic.

The man succumbed to his wounds shortly after arriving at the hospital. The assailant turned himself into police late Monday, hours after the attack