State: Israel to Restore Supply of Industrial-use Fuel to Gaza Strip

State to High Court: Israel to restore supply of diesel needed for Gaza power plant to pre-blockade target level.

The state told the High Court of Justice on Sunday that Israel would restore the supply of industrial-use diesel to the Gaza Strip to target levels set prior to the blockade imposed on Gaza earlier this month.

The state prosecution said those levels were the minimum required in order to meet the basic humanitarian needs of the Strip's civilian population.

The High Court of Justice held an urgent hearing Sunday to discuss a petition filed by several Palestinian organizations against the reduction in Israeli fuel and gas shipments to the Gaza Strip.

The court decided to hold the hearing in the wake of an additional petition for an injunction against the reduction in the supply of industrial-use diesel.

The fuel is needed to run Gaza City's power plant, which had shut down after Israel imposed a complete closure on Gaza last week in response to rocket attacks.

The petition was filed by a number of rights groups, headed by the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.