Special Ed Teacher Suspected of Threatening Students With Rifle

Teacher also allegedly beat Rahat elementary students using a tree branch during annual school trip.

A special education teacher has been arrested for allegedly threatening her students at gunpoint during their annual school trip, as well as beating a number of the children with a tree branch.

The Be'er Sheva District Court on Wednesday extended the 28-year-old teacher's remand for five days while it investigates the allegation.

The teacher, a resident of northern Israel, is suspected to have taken the gun from the accompanying security guard after students refused to obey his orders.

The teacher, whose class comprises physically and mentally challenged students in the southern Bedouin town of Rahat, has denied all allegations against him.

According to suspicions, the teacher allegedly beat four boys and a girl during their May 21 trip to the Beit Shemesh hills when the students would not comply with his demands.

After returning to the bus, the teacher allegedly "asked" the security guard for his gun and then proceeded to point it at one of his students, saying: "Do you want to die? I'll kill you."

The security guard eventually managed to retrieve the gun after arguing with the teacher for several minutes.

An anonymous source filed the complaint, which was then passed on to a welfare clerk in Rahat. The school did not report the incident to the Education Ministry.