Special Committee to Probe Germany '06 Pay-per-view Prices

Communication's minister asks committee to find ways to keep cost of viewing soccer matches low.

Communication's minister, Abraham Hirchson, instructed over the weekend a specially formed committee to come up with ideas to allow the soccer world cup that will take place in Germany in the summer to be broadcast at reasonable and affordable prices.

Avi Balashnikov will chair the committee that will be made up with television executives such as Nurit Dabush, of Channel Two, and Yoram Mokdi.

"Hot" cable company submitted an official request to the committee overlooking cable and satellite television last week, asking it to authorize them to broadcast the games on a par-per-view basis on channels 53 and 54.

The company has already begun selling a 22-month subscription at the price of NIS 50 per month that includes live broadcasts of the world cup matches.

The world cup's semi-finals and finals will be broadcast on a non pay-per-view channel.