South Africa Slams El AL for Stringent Security Checks

Diplomatic crisis could lead to cancellation of the only flight route between Israel, South Africa.

The flight route between Israel and South Africa is in danger of being cancelled, El Al airline said on Monday.

The Israeli airline was criticized by the South African government for its stringent security checkups, as documented on a South African television research show.

A reporter with a hidden camera filmed an El Al security guard allegedly discriminating against dark-skinned passengers at the airport check in.

As a result of the broadcast the South African government issued a request that Israel change its security procedures in the country, which El Al has denied on the basis that they are part of the company's flight regulations.

El Al released a statement in response saying "the Foreign Ministry is responsible for this subject, and they are taking care of the matter."

The statement also stated that "the airline hopes that the diplomatic crisis with the South African government will be resolved shortly."

El Al is currently the only airline with a direct flight between the two countries.