Son of Reputed Crime Boss Arrested at Ben Gurion Airport

Dror Alperon was released from prison months before after being convicted of extorting a Tel-Aviv party promoter.

Police arrested on Tuesday the eldest son of Ya'akov Alperon, the reputed underworld crime boss who was recently assassinated, upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, after returning from an extended stay abroad.

Detectives for Tel Aviv Police's Central Unit waited for Dror Alperon at the airport early Tuesday morning, and transferred him to the Central Unit offices in Tel Aviv for further investigation.

Alperon was released from prison a few months ago after being convicted of extorting a Tel-Aviv party promoter.

Alperon left the country shortly after serving his 9-month sentence.

During Alperon's stay abroad, the central investigation against his brother, Elad Alperon, and against a minor linked to the family was quickly unfolding.

Investigators had found out that Elad, who was underage, and others were involved in an online casino scheme run by the Alperon family, defrauded young Web surfers by leading them to heavy losses, then proceeding to threaten them when they could not repay the money they had lost.

Dror Alperon was arrested following a police investigation, which indicated that he had also been involved in the internet casino extortion affair.

Police are expected to bring Alperon to court Tuesday afternoon in order to assess his arrest.