Soldier, Two Others Indicted for 24,000 Bullet Heist From IDF Base

Ring organized by Ramle man caught when truck laden with ammo stopped at random by police in Upper Galilee.

State attorneys indicted on Thursday an Israel Defense Forces soldier and two civilians for stealing tens of thousands of bullets from an army base.

Police thwarted the three from carrying out a large arms deal when their ammunition-laden truck was stopped at random by police, according to the indictment submitted to the Nazareth District Court.

According to the charges, Ala Abu-salah, 32, of Kfar Tuva solicited IDF soldier Sif Aoukla who serves as a truck driver at an army base in the Northern Galilee to steal large quantities of bullets for him and his associate, Yusef Aliyan, 41, of Ramle.

Sif is suspected of driving to Ramle about two weeks ago, where he received a cellular phone from Aliyan, a car and some NIS 3,000 as down payments for the deal.

Last Friday, the two arrived at in army base in IDF uniform, broke the lock on the ammunition bunker with a crowbar and loaded 24,000 5.56 millimeter bullets stacked in wooden craters onto the truck.

The truck was stopped at random by border policeman at a roadblock at Miron Junction.