Six Men Charged With Rape of Netanya Teen, Beating of Another

Be'er Sheva woman found slain near train station; soldier shoots two women and himself with IDF-issued gun in Eilat.

Six men from the Israeli Arab towns of Kalansua, Taibeh and Lod were indicted on Sunday at the Tel Aviv District Court for raping a 16-year-old on a beach in Netanya on November 8.

The victim, known as A., apparently spent an evening with her friend, known as B., in the city center, where the two consumed a generous amount of alcohol. The six men, Fahed Jaber (25), Ula Zuan (20), Mahmoud Hanun (23), Bilal Kashkush (20), Ahmed Abu Hamed (21) and Mahmoud Ras (21), arrived at the scene and courted the two young women, but were refused.

One of the defendants, Ula Zuan, allegedly exploited B.'s intoxicated condition and stole NIS 100 and two mobile phones from her bag. Soon thereafter, the defendants allegedly took the two in separate cars to the city's Sironit beach.

After arriving at the beach, the defendants allegedly raped A. while beating her and calling her "stinky Jew." B. resisted and was spared, but was thrown out of the vehicle. The defendants allegedly stripped her, burnt her bag and scattered its contents.

The next day the defendants, except Kashkush, are suspected of having met to agree not to turn in one another. They urged Ras to confess, but he refused.

The prosecution told the court that Ras confessed and incriminated his fellow culprits. It was also claimed that Suan's and Kashkush's sperm cells were found, but the two continue to deny the allegations.

The prosecution said that "the respondents carried out a series of violent, shocking and horrendous sex offenses against two teenagers, who were innocent and random victims, held captive by them during the event. The respondents are accused of raping and sodomizing the victims against their will, while taking advantage of their inability to resist and causing them physical injuries."

Suspected prostitute found slain in Be'er ShevaA woman was found dead on Saturday night in Be'er Sheva with signs of a struggle on her body. She was named as Zoya Yegudayev, 28.

The body was found in a grove next to the university train station, an area known to be frequented by prostitutes. Police believe the women herself was a prostitute, but the investigation is in its early states.

The apparent murder marked the second violent crime against women in 24 hours. Earlier Saturday, a 22-year-old soldier shot his girlfriend, another female companion, and then turned the weapon on himself near the entrance to an apartment building in northeastern Eilat.

All three were rushed to Yoseftal Hospital, with the male shooter listed in serious condition. Both women suffered light wounds.

Witnesses reported seeing the soldier, a resident of the moshav "Ivim" near Sderot, with the two women, both in their twenties, standing in the front yard of the "Migdalei Eilat" building, where they were heard arguing loudly. In the midst of the shouting, the soldier cocked his rifle, aimed it at his girlfriend, and fired a shot, wounding her in the hand. The other woman absorbed a bullet into her foot.

Subsequently, the soldier, who serves in the Border Police, aimed the barrel of the weapon at his chest and proceeded to pull the trigger. He is listed in serious condition.