Six Bodies of Mumbai Chabad Victims Arrive in Israel

Four of the coffins wrapped in Israeli flag; Family of killed Satmar Hasid objects to state ceremony.

An Israel Air Force plane carrying the remains of six Israelis and Jews who were killed in the attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai last week landed at Ben Gurion Airport late Monday night.

Four of the coffins were wrapped in an Israeli flag while that of Aryeh Leibish Teitelboim and Norma Schwarbird-Rabinovich, a Mexican citizen, were wrapped in the traditional Jewish prayer shawl.

Teitelboim's family has rejected Israel's offer to hold an official memorial ceremony for him along with the other Jewish and Israeli fatalities.

The family has also said that it does not want Teitelboim's coffin wrapped in an Israeli flag before it is boarded onto the plane in India later Monday, as those of the other Jewish and Israeli victims will be.

Teitelboim's relatives and members of his Toldot Avraham Yitzhak community have also asked that his coffin not be included in the official ceremony which will be held upon landing at Ben Gurion International Airport.

Teitelboim grew up a member of the Hasidic Satmar sect and married into the Toldot Avraham Yitzhak sect - two communities which oppose Zionism and do not recognize the State of Israel.

Teitelboim, who holds an American passport along with many other Satmar followers in Israel, disavowed his Israeli citizenship despite residing in Jerusalem. His wife and eight children hold Israeli citizenship.

"The murder victim was educated in the ways of Satmar, which opposes the State of Israel," one of Teitelboim's relatives told Haaretz. "How can he turn into a symbol of the State of Israel? The family is very concerned about what will happen here at the ceremony. They are angry about the whole matter, it is a very sensitive issue."

Teitelboim's funeral will be held in Jerusalem and is expected to be attended by hundreds of Hasidic followers. The esteemed Toldot Avraham Yitzhak rabbi has cut short his visit to the United States in order to attend.