Shots Fired at Israeli Businessman's Car, With Him Inside

Co-founder of Emblaze, a group of technology companies, survives apparent attempt on his life.

Businessman Eli Reifman survived an apparent attempt on his life by unknown assailants who opened fire on his car in Ra'anana on Sunday. Reifman was not injured, but his car sustained some damage.

Reifman, 40, is one of the four founding partners of Emblaze, a group of technology companies. Prior to his appointment as company president in December 2006, Reifman had served as the company's chief executive officer since September 2000, leading Emblaze through its growth stages from the early startup phase to the publicly traded, global corporation it is today.

In July, a judge ordered Reifman to hand over his shares in Emblaze to attorney Eitan Erez, who was named the court-appointed manager of Reifman's assets after Reifman encountered financial difficulties. Earlier this month, Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer delayed a prison sentence against Reifman.

The sentence had been handed down by Tel Aviv District Court Judge Varda Alshech, who sentenced Reifman to 45 days in jail for contempt of court if he did not hand over his shares in Emblaze to Erez within 24 hours. Reifman took advantage of those 24 hours to appeal successfully to the Supreme Court to delay the sentence.