Shooting Motivated by Jealousy Leaves One Person Hurt in Haifa Mall

Scuffle ensues as gunman finds girlfriend talking to classmates; police searching for suspect who fled scene.

A man was lightly injured on Monday in a shopping center shooting incident in eastern Haifa.

The gunman, a reserve soldier from the Bedouin village of Bir al-Maksur, arrived at the scene saw his girlfriend, a college student, talking to two male classmates. The men were consequently embroiled in an argument.

Eyewitnesses told Haaretz that at some point the soldier tried to leave the scene, but one of the other men ran after him and assaulted him, despite his pleas to be left alone. After a short while, he turned to the assailant, loaded his gun and shot at the floor to scare him off, lightly injuring him.

The gunman fled the scene in a car, together with another man and woman. The car was stopped by police near Yagur junction, but the suspect had already escaped.

His girlfriend and the two men were detained for interrogation.