Shin Bet: Terrorists on Facebook Trying to Recruit Israeli Spies

Security service warns militants may also try to set up 'harmless' meetings with Israelis in order to kidnap them.

The Shin Bet security service has warned Israeli citizens to beware of attempts by terrorist groups to recruit them as agents via Facebook and other social networking sites on the Internet.

The security service has cited a number of recent incidents in which Arab terrorists have tried to lure Israelis to join their cells, either by making direct contact or by trying to arrange a seemingly innocent meeting with the intention of kidnapping them.

"The Shin Bet fears classified information may have been leaked, endangering the lives of Israeli who could be enticed to meet abroad with Internet contacts who have offered them deals," the service said in a statement.

In recent years, the Shin Bet has interrogated and sent to trial a number of Israelis who were allegedly recruited for these services via the Internet.

Many of these terror groups have taken to search sites frequented by Israelis, especially former soldiers in covert Israel Defense Forces units, said the Shin Bet.

In a recent incident, a man who called himself "a Lebanese agent" offered an Israeli Facebook user money in exchange for classified information. The Israeli notified the Shin Bet of the incident and immediately cut off contact with the man.

The Shin Bet has advised Israelis to refrain from broadcasting personal information on their network profiles, including phone numbers, areas of residence and e-mail addresses.