Shalom: International Community Must Condemn Iran Agreement

in meeting with UN Chief: 'Iran will not abandon their nuclear program.'

Vice Premier Silvan Shalom told UN chief Ban Ki-moon in a meeting on Friday that the international community must condemn the nuclear draft deal currently in discussion with Iran.

The conversation in Ban's New York office took place after the United Nations nuclear watchdog on Wednesday presented a draft deal to Iran and three world powers. The countries were given two days for approval of the plan to reduce Tehran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium, seen by the West as a nuclear weapons risk.

"Iran will not abandon their nuclear program. It is their intention to become a powerful nuclear country," Silvan Shalom said.

"What does an agreement like this say to moderate Arab countries? Why should these countries feel obligated to maintain their moderate nature while radical Iran receives incentives and hugs from the international community?" Shalom asked.

During their meeting, Shalom attacked the Goldstone report criticizing Israel's actions in the Gaza war and demanded that the UN chief prevent discussion on the report in the UN Security Council.

Ban replied that it is possible that the report will reach the UN General Assembly.

Shalom told Haaretz that his conversation with Ban Ki-moon lasted 45 minutes and was friendly. The meeting was also attended by Israel's ambassador to the UN, Professor Gabriela Shalev and Deputy UN Ambassador, Daniel Carmon.

Silvan's visit came after a phone conversation on Thursday between Ki-moon and Foreign Minster Avidgdor Lieberman.

During the conversation, Lieberman asked Ban Ki-moon to keep the Goldstone Commission report on Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip from advancing to further votes within the international body.

The damning report, which accuses both Israel and Hamas of war crimes, was endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council last week despite opposition from Israel and its allies.

Lieberman reiterated his stance that bringing the report for vote in the Security Council or at a General Assembly would harm Middle East peace talks.