Settlers Plan to Cut IDF Ties in Fight Against Freeze

In pamphlet, rightists say IDF soldiers should be convinced to refuse orders to enforce settlement freeze.

Right-wing activists plan to call on settlers to cut their close ties with the Israel Defense Forces and urge soldiers to refuse orders, as part of their efforts to thwart a freeze on new construction in West Bank settlements.

The activists list these measures in a pamphlet of which tens of thousands of copies will be posted across the West Bank over the weekend.

"The prime minister's miserable decision to freeze construction is not 'just another decision' that can be accepted by bowing one's head," the pamphlet states. "The freeze decree constitutes the first irreversible step on the natural path to expulsion and further destruction."

The signatories on the pamphlet are the Nation Union party; the Samaria residents committee; the Benjamin residents committee; the Komemiut movement; and the Homesh Tehila movement.

The move comes after Haaretz published a leaked IDF memo it had obtained, which states that raids by special forces and air surveillance would be used to enforce the moratorium. The memo sparked a barrage of criticism from settlers, some of whom accused the army of treating them like Israel's enemies.

In the pamphlet, the authors call on settlers to convince conscript and reservist IDF soldiers to declare they will not demolish homes built in violation of the freeze.

"The basic starting point, with which it is hard to argue and upon which the defense establishment also agrees, is that the State of Israel will not be able to enforce the freeze in the face of thousands and tens of thousands of people who violate it and oppose its enforcement," the pamphlet continues.

"It is also agreed upon that the IDF will not be able to cope with cases of refusal and protest by dozens and hundreds of soldiers."