Sergeant Major Ehud Goldwasser and First Sergeant Major Eldad Regev

Sergeant Major Ehud Goldwasser, 31NahariyaTwo years and four days after he was killed in a Hezbollah attack on a patrol near Zarit and abducted, Ehud Goldwasser's body was returned to Israel on Wednesday. Goldwasser, 31, commanded a reserve unit patrol on the northern border. It was the unit's last patrol before being released from duty.

Goldwasser studied in the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa - and lived in Nesher with his wife, Karnit, whom he married six months before the abduction, which sparked the Second Lebanon War. His parents, Miki and Shlomo, returned after the incident from a long sojourn in South Africa.

On Wednesday, after his body was returned, the IDF promoted Goldwasser from master sergeant to sergeant major.

He will be buried in Nahariya's cemetery on Thursday.

First Sergeant Major Eldad RegevKiryat MotzkinThe last time the Regev family saw Eldad, 26, was four days before the war broke out. Eldad came home to take part in a memorial service on the anniversary of his mother's death.

He spoke to his family members on the phone a day before he was abducted, with Ehud Goldwasser, during a Hezbollah attack on an IDF patrol near Zarit on the northern border.

Since the kidnapping, his father, Zvi, and brother, Benny, have worked tirelessly for his release from Hezbollah. They believed all the time that Eldad was alive.

Rabbi Moshe Almalem, head of Pirhei Aharon yeshiva, where Eldad studied, said "he was a lovely boy, who loved to play soccer, studied in the biology program and was very attached to his friends."

Before the attack that killed him, Eldad completed his law studies at Bar-Ilan University and was preparing for his internship.

On Wednesday he was promoted first sergeant major.

Eldad Regev's funeral will take place in Haifa's cemetery Thursday.