September Opening for T.A.-B-G Airport Rail Line

The direct railway line between Tel Aviv and Ben-Gurion International Airport will open at the beginning of September, 2004. It will take approximately 10 minutes to make the trip between Hahagana station in Tel Aviv and the airport. The trains from Haifa and Nahariya to the airport will depart hourly during most of the day and twice an hour at peak times.

The director general of Israel Railways, Yossi Mor, says that the rail line ends at the as-yet unfinished Ben-Gurion International Airport 2000 and therefore, until the opening of the facility, which is expected to take place this November, the Israel Airport Authority will operate free shuttle transportation to the terminals that are currently in use.

Mor also notes that residents of Modi'in and other cities in the area will be able to take their cars as far as the airport, park in the existing lots at a reduced price and continue by train to Tel Aviv and to the north. He added that the line from Ben-Gurion International Airport 2000 to Modi'in will open in mid-2006.

The cost of laying the infrastructure for the railway from Tel Aviv to the airport totals NIS 370 million. The cost of building the train station at Ben-Gurion International Airport 2000, which is funded by the airports authority, is NIS 40 million.