Senior Officer Ignores Order to Stop Acting for State on Fence

Colonel (res.) Danny Tirza appears in Supreme Court deliberations despite specific orders from Peretz.

The specific orders issued by Defense Minister Amir Peretz forbidding Colonel (res.) Danny Tirza from representing the defense establishment at the Supreme Court on matters relating to the separation fence are apparently being ignored.

Tirza appeared in uniform on Sunday before a panel of seven Supreme Court justices in deliberations on the route of the fence in the area of Gush Etzion.

The orders were issued by the defense minister on November 12, 2006, following a court ruling in June on the route of the fence near the settlement of Tzofim.

The court's ruling stated that Colonel Tirza, then in charge of planning the route of the fence, had misled the court.

Peretz ordered that Tirza cease to represent the defense establishment, but he continued to appear before the Supreme Court on fence-related matters.

Apparently Tirza was called up for reserve duty on orders of GOC Central Command, Yair Naveh, despite orders that all contact with Tirza cease.

When his employment contract with the Defense Ministry ended several weeks ago, Tirza was hired by the Prime Minister's Office and is now working as a liaison with the heads of the settler movement in an effort to reach a compromise solution on the matter of dismantling the unauthorized outposts in the West Bank.