Security Guard Convicted of Killing Taunting Friend

Yekaterian Habibulin shot Yaakov Pardazev, while being intoxicated, to prove to him she could use a gun.

A 27-year-old security guard was convicted Monday of killing her friend Yaakov Pardazev two years ago.

Yekaterina Habibulin, of Bat Yam, shot Pardazev while being under the influence of alcohol, to prove to him that she knows how to fire a gun.

On 23 February 2006, Habibulin arrived at a Tel Aviv restaurant from her workplace in Rishon Letzion. She was carrying a loaded revolver.

At around 1.30 AM, after consuming large quantities of vodka, the party left the restaurant and gathered nearby, where Pardazev asked her questions about her revolver and claimed she did not know how to use it.

To prove to him that she did, she took out the revolver and aimed it at his head. She pulled the trigger, killing him, and fired another bullet in the direction of the pavement.

Habibulin claimed that before she pulled the trigger she tried to unload the revolver, and that she was oblivious to the fact that it had been loaded.

Tel Aviv District Court justice Oded Mudrik rejected her claim and stated that despite her heavy drinking "the defendant was aware of the process involved in firing a bullet at the victim's head, except, presumably, the fact that her revolver was loaded. I cannot establish beyond reasonable doubt that this ignorance was not due to the lack of lucidity inflicted by the consumption of large quantities of vodka."

Convinced of the defendant's awareness of the dangers of pointing a revolver at a person's head, Mudrik convicted the defendant of manslaughter.

"A person who points a firearm at another person and pulls the trigger must be aware of the substantial risk his behavior entails," the judge stated. "To my mind it could be likened to a driver going through a red light without looking at it."