Sale Shoppers Go T-shirt Crazy

Some half a million people swarmed into the shopping malls of the Azrieli group on Saturday and on Friday, for the latest sales promotions.

The Azrieli mall in central Tel Aviv caused traffic backlogs around the Hashalom Interchange by 10 A.M. on Friday.

"The big hit this year was T-shirts," said Pe'er Nadiv, CEO of Azrieli Malls. The centers were offering four T-shirts at NIS 49.90.

Nadiv estimated that within two days some 200,000 sports shirts were sold, at a cost of NIS 4 million. In total, he estimated that the malls had made sales of around NIS 45 million in the two-day period.

In a marketing ploy, the Azrieli group renamed its latest sale promotion "Shocking Sale," as other malls had copied the original "Stock Day" name. The Azrieli group invested some NIS 1.5 million in promoting the sale.

Kanyon Hazahav in Rishon Letzion also reported a record number of visitors, and estimated weekend sales of around NIS 11 million.