Safed Toddler, Teen, Hospitalized After Taking Dangerous Medications

Both in serious - but stable - condition, after being found to have high quantities of poison in their bloodstream.

In two separate incidents Wednesday, a one-year-old and a 15-year-old were rushed to Rebecca Sieff hospital in Safed after having ingested dangerous medication.

The two are in serious but stable condition in the hospital's children's intensive care unit.

In the first incident, the infant swallowed psychiatric medication found in his house in northern Israel. He was taken to the hospital in very serious condition, and was found to suffer near-fatal poisoning. After undergoing intensive care, the medical team he was out of immediate danger.

In another incident, an unconscious teenage girl was rushed to the same hospital later Wednesday. Poison was also discovered in her blood, as well as the failure of all her vital organs. After questioning her family and conducting a series of tests, doctors concluded that she had taken a large quantity of her parents' anti-tuberculosis medication. The doctors were able to stabilize her, but she was still considered in serious condition.

Following the two incidents the hospital said it was alarmed over the trend of improper storage of medication. They said pills were left in places accessible to children. Director of the hospital's intensive care unit Dr.Yuri Viener said "this constitutes a perceptible danger to the lives of children and young people."