Rosh Ha'ayin Man Indicted for Killing His Brother Last Month

Daniel Komemi charged with attacking his brother Zachariah, who died from internal injuries on November 20.

The Central District Attorney submitted an indictment Wednesday against Daniel Komemi, 51, for allegedly killing his brother Zachariah in Rosh Ha'ayin on November 20.

The indictment states that the two brothers met in Zachariah's Rosh Ha'ayin apartment, where they drank vodka with an acquaintance. The acquaintance then left, while the brothers continued to drink until a scuffle broke out.

Daniel Komemi allegedly attacked his brother, severely beat him and left the apartment. As a result, Zachariah died from internal injuries. Neighbors found his body the next morning.

The indictment indicates that the alleged suspect has an extensive criminal record, which includes violent attacks, the illegal possession of a weapon, the assault of a police officer and possession of drugs.

The District Attorney ordered that Komemi remain in custody until the end of legal procedures against him, and claimed it has witnesses to testify for past disputes between the brothers. The indictment also includes an expert opinion, which maintains that a stain of the victim's blood was found on his brother's trousers.