Rishon Letzion Man Jailed for Killing Neighbor

Yosef Shulman, 52, shot and killed Yosef Birenboim in his garden during brawl.

A Rishon Letzion man was sentenced on Tuesday to five years in prison, and two years of suspended imprisonment, for killing his neighbor in 2005.

The Tel Aviv District Court convicted Yosef Shulman, 52, of manslaughter for killing Yosef Birenboim.

In November 2005, Shulman entered Birenboim's back garden carrying a pistol, after he heard the sound of objects falling on his roof.

The court heard that Birenboim tried to chase him off with a crowbar, and Shulman, in turn, pulled out his weapon, loaded it, and ordered him to leave. As Birnbaum was trying to grab the pistol, Shulman shot and killed him.

Neighbors said that for many years the two were on bad terms with each other, and quarrels often erupted.

"They couldn't bear the sight of each other, and fought over every little thing: parking, rubbish disposal bins, and what have you. However, they never exchanged blows," one neighbor said.

Police found Birenboim's body in his garage, with a gunshot wound in his chest. Shulman was found in his nearby home, and claimed he was acting in self-defense.