Reputed Mobster Convicted of Conspiracy and Weapons Charges

Amir Mulner was one of 18 men arrested in a police raid on a house in Ramat Gan.

Tel Aviv District Court on Monday convicted reputed mobster Amir Mulner on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and weapons possession. Seven other associates were also convicted while three were acquitted.

The Mulner conviction rested primarily on closed circuit camera footage in which he and his cohorts were filmed hiding weapons in the yard of a home.

In the verdict, Judge David Rosen wrote that Mulner's alibi proved to be his downfall. Mulner knew of the existence of the weapons and chose to remain silent, Rosen said.

"His claim that the police planted the weapon gives insight into Mulner himself, for whoever knows the truth and chooses to hurl false accusations at the police wishes to extricate himself from evidence that has accumulated against him," Rosen said.

Last November, police raided a Ramat Gan home and arrested 18 individuals, among them Mulner. Adjacent to the fence ringing the home lay a container holding a Beretta handgun, bullets, and magazines. The gun was found to have been outfitted with a silencer.