Report: Yemen Arrests Two Over Plot to Kill Local Rabbi

Jewish community continues to dwindle, with more looking to leave in face of threat posed by Shi'ite militants.

The Yemeni government arrested last week two suspects who planned to kill Jewish leader, Rabbi Yahiya Ben-Yousef., according to news outlets in the country.

The reported incident was one of a series of events highlighting the difficulties encountered by the remaining members of the once thriving Jewish community.

San'a, the capital city, is home to 65 Jews, most of whom fled village areas for fear of their lives. They live in a highly secured compound in San'a guarded by the government.

The country's other Jews live in areas where there is a fierce battle going on between Shi'ite extremists and the government forces.

Rabbi Ben-Yousef, speaking about the conflict in Yemen, said how "[Shi'ites] would come at night, and shout 'Death to America,' 'Death to Israel,' and 'Curse the Jews.'"

The Washington post has reported that there are less than 300 Jews left in Yemen and many more are expected to leave due to the rising threat from Islamic extremists.

Rabbi Yahya Yehuda, another of Yemen's Jewish community leaders is currently hoping for a visa to the U.S. or Israel. He is debating leaving due to the violence in the county.

"We have lived here for thousands of years," he said. "I want to go. And yet I want to stay."