Report: Singer Amy Winehouse to Undergo Drug Rehab in Israel

Jewish Chronicle: Grammy winner to be treated by renowned specialist at hospital in Ashkelon.

Grammy Award winning recording artist Amy Winehouse is due in Israel "within weeks" to undergo a drug rehabilitation program, according to the London-based Jewish Chronicle newspaper.

The report quoted a senior official in the Israel Anti-Drug Authority, Eliezer Cohen, who said Winehouse will receive "medical care, which is a very short, intensive and effective treatment."

"They spoke to a renowned Israeli institution and an Israeli professor who conducts a very special and effective method," Cohen said. [Winehouse] has requested to come to him to do this method, since it's a method that is suitable for her."

The Chronicle reported that the professor in question is Dr. Andre Waismann, whose "Accelerated Neuro-Regulation" method, whereby the patient undergoes an intense withdrawal period while under anaesthesia, produces a high success rate.

"All of my patients are discharged healthy and no longer dependent," Waisman, the head of the ANR clinic at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, told the Chronicle. "There is a misunderstanding about drug addiction. People think it is a social and psychological problem, but it's a neurological problem."

"Whether it's Amy Winehouse or anyone else, it is a privilege to be able to treat anyone who is opiate-dependent, and allow them to live a normal life," the Chronicle quoted him as saying.

Waisman introduced the technique 10 years ago, and offers the treatment to private patients from abroad for an estimated $12,700, according to the report.

Winehouse's hospitalization is expected to span three days, after which she is to be discharged to a hotel and encouraged to engage in physical activity to "enhance her mental state," according to the Chronicle.