Report: NIS 8M Bridge Near Airport Will Have to Be Demolished

A bridge costing NIS 8 million built by the Israel Railways to link Moshav Tzapira to the new terminal at Ben-Gurion International Airport will have to be demolished as it will interfere with flight paths around the airport, the State Comptroller's report has found.

The bridge, near the Ben-Gurion 2000 project, was built without any coordination between Israel Railways and the Civil Aviation Authority, as is required in this case, and deviates from building height restrictions as set in the plans for the terminal.

The government approved the establishment of the new airport terminal in 1994 that would also be linked to the country's rail network.

In July 2002, the Civil Aviation Authority realized that Israel Railways had began building a bridge for vehicular traffic to bypass the tracks near the moshav.

In August, the Transportation Ministry ordered Israel Railways to halt construction of the bridge out of concern that it will interfere with the flight paths.

In November, however, the director-general of the ministry ordered Israel Railways to resume construction of the bridge.

According to the ministry, the bridge will have to be limited to private cars when the bridge is opened and eventually destroyed when the runway at the Ben-Gurion 2000 project is extended.