Report: Likud's Gila Gamliel Suspected of Improper Financial Dealings

Gila Gamliel, who is number 11 on the Likud Party's list of Knesset candidates, may have been involved in improper financial dealings while she was head of the Students Association at Ben-Gurion University, according to an Army Radio report Wednesday.

According to the report, Gamliel, who now serves as national head of the Students Association, initiated and directed an arrangement that would have transferred hundreds of thousands of shekels from student funds to a private company involved in the production of Student Day events. The money was allegely transferred, even though the contract signed between the sides stipulated no reason for the payment.

Shimon Shmila, who was a member of the Students Association Financial Commitee, told Army Radio: "We called the legal advisor in the Students Assocaition and asked her if there was a reason (for the payment)...She checked and said that no, and that it was a very peculiar."

"This is the money of students and needs to be returned to them," he added.

According to the report, the opinion of the senior accountant of the Students Association was that the money should be payed, in consideratin of all the factors involved and not necessarily based on what was written in the contract. A review by two separate accounting firms found questionable financial practices in the Students Association at Be'er Sheva University under Gamliel's leadership, said persons involved in the affair. After one of the firms found questions regarding the financial practices, Gamliel stopped working with it and went to another firm, which also found problems.

Gamliel said in response to the report that there was no truth nor basis to the allegations.