Report: Lebanon Arrests Suspected Spy for Israel

Al-Akhbar: Surveillance equipment found in man's home; Arrest comes after 3 others admit to spying.

Lebanese authorities arrested a 55-year-old car salesman on suspicion of spying on behalf of Israel, according to a report in Al-Akhbar newspaper.

Authorities allegedly found technical and surveillance equipment, including a camera, during searches of the man's car and home.

According to the report, the man they call M. Awada, a resident of the town of Nabatiyeh, has traveled in recent years throughout Lebanon, Belgium and a country in Africa. He allegedly met elsewhere with Israeli agents.

The arrest comes days after two Lebanese men and a Palestinian confessed to supplying Israeli intelligence agents with information regarding Hezbollah's activities, according to media reports in Lebanon last week.

A Lebanese security source on Saturday said that one of the suspects, Ali Mantash, was a leading spy on behalf of Israel, who passed along critical information on Hezbollah leaders' homes before and after the Second Lebanon War.

The three men were arrested last Saturday for allegedly transferring sensitive information to Israel's Mossad spy agency. According to Al-Akhbar, their alleged espionage was exposed during an investigation of a retired Lebanese general also suspected of spying on behalf of Israel.

The detainees are suspected of operating from two separate cells in southern Lebanon. A Lebanese security source was quoted by the newspaper as saying that the detainees' vehicles were compounded, along with the mobile phones and computers during a search of their homes.

Lebanese media reported in recent weeks the capture of a spy network, comprising 12 members, working on behalf of Israel. Retired Lebanese general Adib Alam was named as the head of the alleged network.