Report: Iran and Syria Sign Defense Cooperation Pact

Iranian news agency reports the two countires pledged to work together to counter threat posed by Israel.

Iran and Syria signed a defense cooperation pact in Damascus on Friday, and pledged to work in coordination to counter the regional threat they see posed by the "Zionist regime," Iranian news agency Al-Alam reported.

Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi and his Syrian counterpart Lieut. Gen. Ali Mohammad Habib signed the agreement meant to strengthen political, security and economic relations between the two countries.

The Israel Defense Forces this week carried out two extensive drills, simulating various combat scenarios against Syria and Hezbollah.

The drills were two-day affairs for which dozens of reserve officers were mobilized and included scenarios in which ballistic missiles with conventional and non-conventional warheads landed in Israeli cities.

One drill with live munitions took place on the Golan Heights and involved tank, artillery, sappers and Israel Air Force combat aircraft and helicopters.